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Work It Out: How Strength Exercises Can Boost Your Metabolism

While many people think that maintaining and losing weight is just a matter of discipline in food intake, it is no secret that a body’s metabolism is also a natural force that drives one’s weight changes or the lack of it. Getting a personal trainer will also help you understand the mechanics of your body while helping you do physical strengthening activities to boost your metabolism.

This article will help you understand how your body’s metabolism works and how physical conditioning can boost it.

Metabolism Explained

Metabolism refers to the chemical processes that occur continuously inside your body to keep you alive, and your organs function regularly, such as breathing, cell repair, and food digestion. These chemical reactions necessitate the use of energy.

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimum amount of energy required by your body to carry out these chemical processes. According to the NHS, your BMR may account for up to 80 per cent of your body’s daily energy requirements, depending on your age and lifestyle. A low BMR is more aptly described as a “slow metabolism.”

Science dictates that the more muscle a person has, the more calories they can burn in a day. After all, muscle burns up to five times more calories than fat does. In essence, the more muscle a person has, the more calories they can burn even while at rest. Unfortunately, ageing is not on your side as a person who reaches 35 starts losing around half a pound of muscle yearly.

This means that people aged 35 and above will have a more challenging time burning calories because they are constantly losing muscle mass. Fortunately, it doesn’t quite end there, as this is where strength training comes in.

By doing strengthening exercises, you will add or replace muscles that you lose as you age. Aside from muscle replacement, strength training also brings other benefits to the body, including alleviating arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity. Adding the psychological perspective, strength training also helps avert depression.

How to Boost Metabolism: Work It Out

Understanding that strength training can help boost your metabolism, you now start thinking of sweating it out in a fitness centre to start rolling. The question, though, is where do you begin? Below are some of the many exercises you can do in or out of the gym to strengthen your body.

Dumbbells or Barbells

From beginners to pros, dumbbells and barbells are the go-to pieces of strength equipment you can use. If it is your first time using these gym tools, it would be best to get a personal trainer on your side to help you use them properly and show you the proper form. As an alternative, you can also check out some online workouts. Always use a mirror to check your form when working out.

Bodyweight Exercises

Push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and lunges are common bodyweight exercises you can do without equipment. Decide on your routine and take everything a notch higher as you progress.

Other Gym Equipment

Stationary bikes, treadmills, and chest presses are other gym equipment you can maximise to strengthen your body and build more muscle. They are also safer for beginners since they are fixed and stationary.


Developing a more physically active lifestyle and following the strength training tips mentioned above can boost your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you can have an easier time losing weight in the long run.

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